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LEMMY. Night Lamp

LEMMY. Night Lamp

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LEMMY. Night Lamp

Introducing the LEMMY Night Lamp, a tribute to the iconic rock legend, Lemmy Kilmister. Just as Lemmy's bass riffs shook the foundations of rock 'n' roll, this lamp will shake up your nights with its edgy and rebellious glow. With its rugged design and bold attitude, it's a beacon of rock 'n' roll spirit, inviting you to embrace the night with the same passion that Lemmy brought to the stage. Let the LEMMY Night Lamp light up your world and channel the essence of rock into your space. Rock on!

Real plumbing pipes are used for the lamp parts.

The wooden parts are crafted from solid pine wood and are burned and varnished after being sanded three times.

It uses an E27 bulb socket and is compatible with all standard bulbs. The electrical cord is 2 meters long.


🎁 A unique gift created for use in bars, offices, garages, or any room!

πŸͺ“ Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail by a team of expert artists, using the highest quality materials and components.

🎁 If you choose the gift packaging, it will be carefully wrapped with craft paper and twine.


This unique and stylish night lamp is a perfect choice for creating any ambiance. Your parties, weddings, barbecues, or special events will become even more memorable. With its natural charm, this night lamp complements your surroundings most strikingly.

This product, which can also be chosen as a special gift for yourself or your loved ones, will beautify your home.

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