Durmuş Yalçınkaya

Durmuş Yalçınkaya, a graduate of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. Founded RusticDesignTR in 2020, achieving success in the furniture industry. Sells to 70+ countries worldwide. Innovative and global vision.

Ali Altuğ

Born in 1980 in Sakarya, Ali Altuğ is an electric technician and entrepreneur. He graduated from Sakarya University's Faculty of Electricity. He currently serves as the co-founder, designer and maker of RusticDesignTR and its participations.

Ali Yasin Çetin

Ali Yasin Çetin, digital marketer specializing in e-commerce. Manages online platforms for RusticDesignTR, Lampenser, StiffRock, ScarLighting. Facebook verified digital marketer. Designs ads for brand communication and customer engagement.

Göksu Songür Özmenli

Göksu Songür Özmenli, born on 22.08.1994, is a graduate of Çukurova University, majoring in Literature. Believing in lifelong learning, she combines her knowledge with an innovative approach. Passionate about graphic design and nature enthusiast.

Emir Han Özmenli

Emir Han Özmenli, born in 1997, Istanbul University graduate in Russian Language and Literature. Professional in photography and editing. Passionate about nature's beauty and spirituality. A creative storyteller with a curious mind.

Serkan Yusufoğlu

Serkan Yusufoğlu, born in 1997, is a dynamic maker and product creator. With meticulous attention to detail, he skillfully combines components, showcasing his craftsmanship. His passion and fast-paced approach result in unique creations.

Sinan Yusufoğlu

Sinan Yusufoğlu, born in 1995, is a skilled craftsman and innovative creator. With meticulous precision, he brings his artistic vision to life through careful assembly. Passionate and driven, Sinan's dynamic approach creates captivating works.